Travertine and Limestone Polishing & Cleaning

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True, Travertine and Limestone are softer than marble and much softer than granite, but it’s still a great choice for flooring and some other surfaces as well. One of the benefits of these types of stone is that it’s made up of – “History”. It’s not uncommon to see fossilized or petrified grasses and other natural elements in the surface, making it a one of a kind choice. We love being able to bring out the natural beauty of these stones. Because they are a little softer than some other stones, they need to be cared for a little differently. Even so, they will still provide years and years of beauty and warmth to your home.

We are able to clean, even do restorative cleaning to travertine floors as well as limestone. Additionally, it’s not uncommon for small holes to develop in the traffic pattern of travertine floors. Please don’t worry about that, we can fix it. That happens because travertine is what is referred to as a “filled stone”. When it’s formed in the earth water and steam need to pass through the stone. Once it has been quarried and turned into tiles or slabs it basically looks like Swiss cheese because you can see those little channels and holes that water and steam passed through. At that point, they fill those voids, bring the surface to the desired appearance, and send it off to market. We custom tint the repair fill material and when we’re done it looks just like the natural variation in the stone.

We can also polish travertine and make it very shiny if you would like. Please keep in mind though, because it is a filled stone you will see a lot of variation in the level of shine as you look across the surface. We normally recommend bringing it to a “Honed” (very low shine) or a “High honed” (more shine with a little variation) level of appearance. We also recommend sealing the surface which helps both the stone and the grout and makes it easier to keep clean.