Marble & Stone Tile Cleaning, Polishing, And Restoration

Marble & Stone Tile Cleaning, Polishing and Restoration in St Petersburg,
Clearwater, and Tampa Bay.

Stone tile floors are beautiful when they well taken care of and atrocious when sorely neglected. The classy look of a freshly cleaned, polished, and restored stone tile floor is uniquely appealing. However, very often you will see this type of flooring in poor condition. Perhaps several tiles are uneven and the finish of the surfaces has become dull. When this happens, dirt gets trapped in small cracks, and no matter how clean the surface of the neglected marble tiles might be, they will still look dingy and dull. When this happens it’s time to call 727-328-1400!

Marble & Stone Tile Floor Polishing and Leveling

By flattening the floor, we’re able to level out high and low spots or “lips” where uneven tiles previously met. After leveling the floor and eliminating trouble areas, further work is done to bring out a shine that will take your breathe away. Polishing marble floors in St Petersburg, Clearwater, and Tampa Bay can easily brighten up your entire home! The luster of a 1800MarbleGuy polished marble floor is truly something to see!

Call 727-328-1400 and Have Your Stone Tile Floor Cleaned, Polished, and Restored Today!