Sanitize, Restore, and Maintain Marble and Granite Countertops

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Sanitize, Restore, and Maintain Marble and Granite Countertops

Sanitize marble and granite countertops to protect your family and your countertops as well!

Though there is an obvious health benefit to having us sanitize your marble and granite countertops, our restoration and maintenance will also keep your surfaces strong and resilient for future use. Marble and granite countertops are durable, attractive, and can carry a heafty price tag initially. We believe it is money well spent to keep your marble and granite countertops in good condition.

Repairing chipped marble and granite countertops – Call Us! 727-314-5999

Let us take a look at the damage. From a careful inspection, we can give you options, pricing, and realistic expectations based on our experience and expertise in this niche field. Because of the nature of these beautiful stones, some problems are common, but many issues might require very specific solutions and extremely careful labor.

St Petersburg, Clearwater, and Tampa Bay marble and granite countertop maintenance.

It took the earth 1000’s of years to make that beautiful stone that has been cut and polished to serve as your beautiful countertop. No doubt yours is a highlight of your remodeled kitchen in St Pete, Clearwater, or Tampa Bay home. It is a great choice for many kitchen updates done to the many waterfront, beachfront, or historic homes that are common in our area. Each stone slab offering its own special blend of colors and patterns. Your stone will last longer than the rest of the house around if it is well cared for. By choosing 1-800-MarbleGuy to sanitize and maintain your granite and marble countertops, you will be protecting you and your family from germs, while protecting your countertops from you and your family. It’s a low cost, win-win scenario. Sanitize marble and granite countertops regularly.