Custom Decorative And Artistic Polished Concrete Floors

Artisan Decorative Polished Concrete Floors in St Petersburg and Tampa Bay

We are able to turn your concrete slab into a work of art – literally. Through years of hard work and attention to detail working on polished concrete floors in St Petersburg and Tampa Bay, we have become experts on transforming base concrete slabs into beautifully polished concrete floors. In most cases, we can get whatever look you want from your concrete floor.

Benefits of High-End Artisan Concrete Floors in St Petersburg and Tampa Bay

You know the feeling. You’re drawn to particular environments because of the relaxing vibes they exude. Many in St. Petersburg have used polished concrete floors to create especially inviting indoor and outdoor spaces. We are proud of our work and have created some truly beautiful St. Petersburg polished concrete floors. When freshly buffed, these surfaces sparkle with beauty. Their sleekness can complement other architectural elements, such as wood, brick and marble. Of course, looks aren’t everything. What other virtues does the material have to offer?

Why Polished Concrete Makes Sense in Florida

In years past, wall-to-wall carpet was in demand because of its low price and quick installation. Its popularity has declined, however, in part due to high maintenance and hygienic concerns. Concrete floors, on the other hand, don’t wear into unsightliness; nor do they trap allergens. Sand can be swept up with a broom or sucked away by a vacuum, leaving a clean and spotless surface. Spills clean up effortlessly with soap and water. In regards to style, there’s practically no limit to the ways a conglomerate floor can be formed. By staining carefully and properly, you can fit any design scheme, be it Mediterranean, Beach, Industrial or Craftsman. Even a basic, more economical finish can be dressed up with carefully-chosen rugs and furniture.

Custom Decorative Concrete Flooring in Florida

Want the clean lines of inlays and the vivid colors of marble and granite in a fraction of the time and at a fraction of the cost? Custom Decorative Concrete is your solution. Our skilled artists and flooring professionals can achieve amazing results to meet our client’s needs.

Cost of St. Petersburg Polished Concrete Floors

You’ve probably seen some impressive interiors in St. Pete homes around Coffee Pot Blvd, Beach Drive and Snell Isle. Perhaps you’ve considered stone in-lays, but were discouraged by their exorbitant price tag. The good news is you’re likely able to get decorative concrete at a fraction of that. For those interested in modernizing an existing slab, the expense is even less. Once the surface is clean, the base cost of simple polishing can be as low as $2-$5 per square foot, depending upon the size of the project and level of service. Residential concrete polishing starts at $8 per square foot. If you’re willing to spend more, you can have elaborate effects built in. With the right help, even cracked floors can be made into aesthetically pleasing surfaces.

Durability of Artisan Concrete Floors in St Petersburg and Tampa Bay Area

Have kids, pets or a busy life? Ceramic tile with its “hard to keep clean grout” probably won’t fit into your lifestyle. When you need something durable, choose polished concrete. If scratches come, they can be worked out with a polishing pad. This material carries superb compressive strength, making it appropriate for use in bridges and high rises so it can take pretty much anything you can dish out. Polished concrete flooring is a great choice for anyone considering a strong yet attractive floor that will last. During new construction, joints are installed to prevent cracking. Its longevity makes it likely your same floor is enjoyed by future generations. Polished concrete flooring is becoming more popular in Pinellas County and Hillsborough County, but we service several nearby areas as well like Orlando and the Central Florida area.

Ready to distinguish your home or business from the rest? When considering its cost-effectiveness, durability, customization options and appropriateness for Florida, it’s easy to see why St. Pete polished concrete has grown in popularity. We’d be happy to answer any questions you might have and provide you with a free estimate. Give us a call today! 727-328-1400