“Very conscientious from the first call to the end of the job.”

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“Very conscientious from the first call to the end of the job.”


The following is a small e-mail dialog that is meant to serve as an example of how our customers, and our associate professionals that recommend us, feel about our service.

—– Original Message —–
From: Dave Gelinas
To: Jim McDannel
Sent: (Date Removed from Web Site)
Subject: The Norton`s terrazzo floor……THANK YOU David Gelinas

Hello Jim
I`m sorry I wasn`t able to get back to you before now but yes, Mrs. Norton did call me about their terrazzo floors. I went out and took care of it for her today. Originally, she only wanted us to clean the floors of the house across the street. If we had only stripped them and not put anything on it like she asked they would not have looked very good at all so as a courtesy I wanted to put down a coat of finish. I actually ended up putting down two coats and buffing it out. It really wasn`t any big deal because she also asked us to do her floor in her kitchen/dining room in her current home. So while we waited for the 4 coats of finish to dry, we did the extra work at the house across the street.
If possible I would like to ask you for a small favor though. She did seem very happy when we left, but if it`s not too much trouble, could you give her a call just to make sure she really is happy and let me know what she says. I`m sure you have their number but to prevent you from having to look it up, it is (Phone number removed from Web Site for privacy protection).
Thanks for your help on this and thank you for the referral, I owe you one.
Thanks again,

—– Response to Message —–

Hey Dave

This is Jim`s Wife – I normally do all of our follow-up / quality control calls. I just spoke with Mrs. Norton. I told her I was just following up our referral.
SHE LOVES YOU!!!!!!!!!
Feedback more specific than just that – very conscientious from the first call to the end of the job, very polite and professional, knowledgeable and most important was comfortable with you in her home. She said she will refer you to anyone.
We owe you a Thank you also. We usually recommend very few people for anything because we don`t know how they will treat our customers and we feel it is a reflection on us if they are treated improperly. You will definitely be the only one we will recommend for hard surface that Jim does not do.

Debbie McDannel
P.S. You must be good – She said you guys were a lot like us!!! LOL