Countertop Care Tips

how to care and maintain your marble countertops

Most Problems That Occur Are Repairable

  • Never use your granite countertop as a cutting surface. No, the sharp edge of a knife normally won’t scratch the surface, granite is harder than your stainless steel knife. What you will do is ruin your knives.
  • Use only Neutral pH (7), no rinse, concentrated stone soaps when cleaning.
  • Use products that explicitly say “safe for polished marble” on the label, even if the surface is something other than marble.
  • It is common for natural stone to exhibit variations, in color, texture, and finish. These variations are natural and add to the uniqueness of the stone. Homeowners choose materials based on their personal taste and cost. More consistent materials are typically more expensive.
  • Never use vinegar, lemon juice, or bathroom tub and tile cleaners containing acids on granite, marble, limestone, travertine, or onyx surfaces.
  • Never use abrasive cleaners such as dry powder cleansers or “soft” cleaners on natural stone.
  • Keep plants elevated off stone surfaces. It is not enough simply to put coasters beneath plants. Many minerals in plant food and potting soil can etch and stain even the most resistant stones.
  • Keep the stain protection on your stone surfaces up by the periodic reapplication of the proper impregnating sealer.
  • Use coasters for your liquid soap dispensers, make-up, perfumes, and colognes. This is the main cause of etching on marble vanities. The only time marble or other calcium-based stones are rarely if ever a good idea for a polished countertop. Maybe in a Powder Bath, but give it a lot of thought first.