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Concrete polishing in St Pete from Polished concrete really does give a great look to your new build or remodel. Concrete polishing in St[…]

St Pete Terrazzo Floor Restoration – Done Right! We had quite a job ahead of us when we pulled up to this St Pete, FL[…]

When your role involves making things spic and span, it seems like there‚Äôs always something new to learn. Kitchens, bars, and break rooms see a[…]

So your marble is dull, scratched and in major need of help! Out come the Yellow Pages; you call several marble refinishers and set up[…]

Surface Energy Seal-N-Save Systems sealers work by the modification of the surface of the building material and by changing its absorption characteristics. This is achieved[…]

Caution: Follow directions carefully when you use chemicals to remove stains. Always “remove the stain remover” as soon as its job has been done. Remember[…]

Seal-N-SaveTM is a penetrating sealer that can be used in-doors or out. It makes a chemical bond with the surface that protects against both water[…]

Uses: Color+TM is a surface sealer that provides long-lasting enrichment of color, plus stain protection of porous tile, natural stone, paving and grout. Treated indoor[…]

The following is a small e-mail dialog that is meant to serve as an example of how our customers, and our associate professionals that recommend[…]

We recently remodeled our kitchen. In the process, we tore down several walls and needed to have additional tile laid to match our existing flooring.[…]