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Tile Flooring

Cleaning & Maintenance - Cleaning the tile and grout. Removing any topical and ground in sand, dirt or soil from booth the tile and the grout. Using our Four Step Cleaning process not just to clean your tile, that's the easy part; but to really get down inside the grout lines and get it clean. This will restore that like new appearance to you tiled floors and walls.

Restoration - If you have tile that has had wax put on it, we have special, SAFE, strippers to remove it. If you have tile and grout that needs to be restored we can do that also, using our Four Step Cleaning process and the right type of restoration techniques. We can even fix your grout if it has been permanently stained.

Sealing - Sealing your tile & grout is the best way for you to protect your tile & grout, your investment. Depending on the type of sealer used, we can protect your tile & grout from 15 - 20 years; NO STAINS - OF ANY KIND.

Color Sealing - If your grout has been stained so badly that the stains just wont come out, it's okay. We can color seal your grout and completely eliminate your concerns. Even if you just want a new look to your old floor we can do that too, with color sealing it. A permanent and easy alternative to grout replacement.

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