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It wasn`t too long after 1800MarbleGuy sealed our expensive brick paver driveway that a dirty puddle of motor oil was left on it. When I saw the motor oil I was very sad because I thought my beautiful home front was ruined. I was pleasantly surprised when with a spray from my garden hose the motor oil washed right off, no residue or stain left to indicate where the motor oil had been. The sealer 1800MarbleGuy applied to our new brick paver driveway performed better then I ever expected.

Thank you for recommending and installing this fantastic product

Brenda Plates, St. Petersburg, FL

Date: Thu, Apr 12, 2012

Dear Dave,
I`m sorry that it`s taken a week to write this thank you, but I`m still in disbelief with my Terrazzo, how Beautiful it turned out! I cant believe how you took something so old, dull and stained and turned it into a Masterpiece! I Cant thank you and your Marble Guys enough for taking such good care of me!

I don`t usually shop around for anything because I do it all myself, but I did, because I wanted to find someone who was professional, educated and who cared, which you did and more! Are first meeting, you were so knowledgeable and you took the time to explain everything, which made me trust you. The ones I met with before you, I just didn`t get a good feeling, specially after seeing there work and reading up on there process which was unlike yours.

In closing I have to tell you that your guys were Awesome, showed up on time, explained the process and was very trustworthy, so I felt I could leave for the day and had nothing to worry about. When I returned from work, I was in such disbelief, could not believe what I was seeing...

So thank you so much for being a company with integrity and knowledge.


December 12, 2011
(Part of an email with regards to a floor we recently donated to the City of Gulfport)
Good evening David,

Everybody that has seen the floor loves it! Thank you so much for your work and generosity!!!! People are impressed over the floor and how great you have been.

I would like to discuss what someone suggested regarding why you did this work as a part of a special interest story.

I will try to remember to look at my calendar tomorrow at the office so we can sort a time to connect there. Please don`t hesitate to give me a call if I haven`t touched base by Wednesday morning.

Kindest regards,


April 26, 2011

Thank you so much for restoring my Cuban tile porch. It looks fantastic. I`ve already had several compliments from friends and neighbors. I will definitely call you the next time I have any tile or marble restoration needs, and I`ll be sure to refer everyone I can to you. Feel free to show any potential customers this email. They can even come by to look at my tile if they like! Thanks again.

Brad Salter
Salter, Healy, LLC

May 20, 2009

Hi! I`d like to extend my thanks to Dave Gelinas, Joshua, and Christian for their help with having the terrazzo in my guest bedroom redone! Dave was very thorough in explaining all the options and price points, both over the phone and in person. Joshua and Christian were very polite and professional when they arrived at my home last Tuesday and explained what they planned to do. Josh followed up with me a few times during the day to let me know what he had uncovered and how he planned to address any problem areas, which I really appreciated. I`m very pleased with how the floor turned out and I`m thankful that you were able to install the additional molding (one less thing to worry about)! I will certainly pass your information along to my friends and family who may be looking to have their floors refinished. Many thanks!

Sue Britt

We recently remodeled our kitchen. In the process, we tore down several walls and needed to have additional tile laid to match our existing flooring. While the contractors did a great job of matching the grout colors, there was still a clear difference in the color in heavy traffic areas.

We called 1800Marbleguy.com. They quickly returned our call and were at our house on the same day to give us a free estimate. They measured the tile areas and recommended a deep cleaning, dying and sealing of the floors so that all the grout would match and be protected.

Dave came out on a Wednesday and scheduled our job for the following Monday. As promised, he was at our house bright and early on Monday morning and completed the entire job by 3:30pm that day. We were so happy with his quality that we added 2 additional bathrooms and a large laundry room to the job - all of the tile in our house!

The professionals at 1800Marbleguy.com were prompt and confirmed when they would be at our house. Dave and his assistant were professional, well dressed and polite. They went right to work and also answered any questions I had.

It was fascinating to see how their special machine was able to clean the grout and their manual hands-on dying and sealing process. Our tile floors were over 5 years old and had never been sealed. Dave told us the floors would look new again and they did!! I have taken several cards for the Marble Guy and plan on referring him whenever I can.

Kathryn Caldwell
St. Petersburg, FL

The following is a small e-mail dialog that is meant to serve as an example of how our customers, and our associate professionals that recommend us, feel about our service.

----- Original Message -----
From: Dave Gelinas
To: Jim McDannel
Sent: (Date Removed from Web Site)
Subject: The Norton`s terrazzo floor......THANK YOU David Gelinas

Hello Jim
I`m sorry I wasn`t able to get back to you before now but yes, Mrs. Norton did call me about their terrazzo floors. I went out and took care of it for her today. Originally, she only wanted us to clean the floors of the house across the street. If we had only stripped them and not put anything on it like she asked they would not have looked very good at all so as a courtesy I wanted to put down a coat of finish. I actually ended up putting down two coats and buffing it out. It really wasn`t any big deal because she also asked us to do her floor in her kitchen/dining room in her current home. So while we waited for the 4 coats of finish to dry, we did the extra work at the house across the street.
If possible I would like to ask you for a small favor though. She did seem very happy when we left, but if it`s not too much trouble, could you give her a call just to make sure she really is happy and let me know what she says. I`m sure you have their number but to prevent you from having to look it up, it is (Phone number removed from Web Site for privacy protection).
Thanks for your help on this and thank you for the referral, I owe you one.
Thanks again,

----- Response to Message -----

Hey Dave

This is Jim`s Wife - I normally do all of our follow-up / quality control calls. I just spoke with Mrs. Norton. I told her I was just following up our referral.
SHE LOVES YOU!!!!!!!!!
Feedback more specific than just that - very conscientious from the first call to the end of the job, very polite and professional, knowledgeable and most important was comfortable with you in her home. She said she will refer you to anyone.
We owe you a Thank you also. We usually recommend very few people for anything because we don`t know how they will treat our customers and we feel it is a reflection on us if they are treated improperly. You will definitely be the only one we will recommend for hard surface that Jim does not do.

Debbie McDannel
P.S. You must be good - She said you guys were a lot like us!!! LOL

Of course we have many similar examples. The above appears with permission by our customer. To protect our customer`s privacy we do not yet have more examples to publish on this web site. However, we invite you to contact us and ask for references, our customers will be happy to give us a recommendation if you wish to call them.

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