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Stone Flooring

Cleaning & Maintenance - Cleaning the stone and removing any topical and ground in sand, dirt or soil from booth the stone and the grout. Once the cleaning is complete we then Powder polish. This will restore the shine to your stone. It is not intended to remove any scratches or etches.

Restoration - Cleaning of the stone and removal of light to moderate scratches, bringing your stone back to its natural beauty. Many times we will use what are referred to as honing and polishing diamonds. These will remove the scratches and not remove to much stone. This way we can blend it in with the surrounding areas.

Flattening or Lippage Removal - This is how floors are done in Europe. It is called a monolithic floor. That's when we grind the entire floor flat, removing those irritating ridges or high spots that go from one tile to another. Those high spots aren't just irritating to bare feet; they also hide sand and other abrasives that can scratch your stone. Once your floor is flattened it gives your floor the appearance of being one continuous giant piece of stone. This also comes in handy when a floor has not been installed properly and there is lippage to remove. When your floor has lippage greater than the thickness of a credit card, it is considered too much by industry standards.

Sealing - Sealing your stone is the best way for you to protect your stone, your investment. Depending on the type of sealer used, we can protect your stone from 15 - 20 years; NO STAINS - OF ANY KIND.

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