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Marble Restoration

This case study is a job we did in a large condominium in a very upscale water front neighborhood. We had previously FLATTENED this floor and restored it to a better than new condition. But because there was an unavoidable change in building management, the floors had not been maintained like we had recommended them to be. This job should have been a regular maintenance job but, due to the lack of proper maintenance, the the floor surface needed some light moderate restoration work instead. These are some before and after pictures.

These pictures are taken looking across the elevators (right), looking out the front doors. Notice how the 1st picture is badly distorted and does not show good shine or clarity in the traffic areas; mainly along the right wall and in front of the far elevator car.

These two areas are right in side the main doors. (It is a good example of what can happen to a stone floor when it is not maintained properly and when floor mats are allowed to be left on the floor, not regularly cleaned under and allowed to properly air dry.)

These are pictures of the NATURAL STONE CLEANING PROCESS. The 1st picture is taken from the same angle as the rest. The 2nd picture was taken looking across the main doors, not looking at the doors like the pictures before & after this one. We are removing the imbedded dirt from the pores of the floor. Notice in the upper right & left corners of the 1st picture, in spite of having cleaned the area already, there were still those dark black lines in the stone. By the time the 2nd picture was taken we had been able to remove those heavy lines of imbedded dirt. Can you believe how dirty that water is?

At this point, the stone still needs to be POLISHED so there is no shine, but notice how clean we were able to get the stone, no more dirty lines.

Have a look at some pictures of this finished job, enjoy.

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